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The Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast

Nov 28, 2017

Arjun Dhingra is an accomplished Martial Artist of over 30 years. He has tested himself on the National and International stage and currently coaches Martial Arts as well as runs his own Mortgage Practice in the Bay Area.


Arjun studies and practices Taekwondo — which, as he loves to explain — is a fusion of two ancient Martial Arts: Karate and Taekkyon. He got started at the young age of 8 and now has been training for a little over 30 years. Arjun originally got into Martial Arts as a kid because he was bullied and found deep inspiration in the original film, Karate Kid. His first lesson was at a YMCA Taekwondo class … and the rest was history. He began to compete Internationally when he was 27 and went on to represent his country in the World Championships multiple times. In 2014, he retired from competing internationally and now he coaches the National team.


His Mortgage Banking Operation All Western Mortgage that he owns and operates with his brother, has been up and running for 17 years. He shares the same dedication and mentality of, “Your work is never truly done,” with both his Taekwondo training and his business.


In this episode of the Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast, Arjun explains how he manages to balance it all from running his business to training in Taekwondo to getting married in less than a month.


Key Takeaways:

[2:09] How Arjun got started in Martial Arts.

[4:08] Where Arjun is now in the Martial Arts, and about competing in the World Championships.

[5:12] Arjun’s transitions from being the practitioner to training others.

[7:32] Arjun’s next big life event: Getting married, and how he balances his two worlds.

[12:33] How Arjun has seen the sport progressing and where Arjun sees traditional Martial Arts headed in the future.

[19:13] More about Arjun’s and his brother’s business: what it is, how it got started, and how it has developed.

[20:56] Arjun’s and his brother’s separate responsibilities within the business and the challenges of working with family.

[22:53] The ups and downs of running a business and receiving coaching on the business side.

[25:52] The forward mindset of having the future in mind; how Arjun sets his goals and formulates his future.

[28:15] How training in the Martial Arts has helped Arjun personally and professionally.

[30:33] Arjun’s advice for living a successful life.

[32:21] How and where to learn more about Arjun’s business and school.

[34:22] Arjun's fantasy UFC match-up.


Arjun Dhingra’s Links:

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“Everything I got from the team, from the country in the form of the Art, I’m able to now pour back into others and bring them along. There’s great fulfillment in that.” — Arjun Dhingra