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The Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast

Dec 26, 2017

Today Wade interviews Richard Goldstein, who has been training in the Martial Arts in a variety of styles for over 50 years. Richard also runs a family business called The Copy Shop and Printing Company in San Rafael — a business that has been in his family for over 43 years. The two parts of his world meld perfectly together to enrich all aspects of his life.


Richard began practicing in the Martial Arts from age eight in LA, at a Korean-based school. When he moved out to San Francisco in High School, he began studying Hapkido and Aikido. Now, he’s branched out to many different styles and is well-versed in the Martial Arts world.

To Richard, Martial Arts are not just about the technique, it’s about understanding the depth of where the Martial Art came from and why. In this episode of Bay Area Martial Arts, Wade and Richard dive right into this topic, as well as discuss his business, his teaching philosophies, his advice to people wanting to get into Martial Arts, and his beliefs on how truly enriching training in a Martial Art can be.


Key Takeaways:

[1:36] Richard’s background in the Martial Arts.

[4:43] Humbleness and learning in the Martial Arts.

[7:46] Richard’s family business, The Coffee Shop — the genesis, the development, and the tie between business and Martial Arts.

[10:11] One of Richard’s other passions: Music.

[10:29] About his wife, the orchard lover.

[12:19] How Richard balances his successful business, home life, and training in the Martial Arts.

[16:56] The cultural richness of the Martial Arts.

[19:52] What Richard is most proud of in his Martial Artist background.

[21:30] Richard’s teaching philosophies.

[26:22] Richard’s advice to people wanting to get into the Martial Arts.

[32:05] Something that Richard has noticed in business lately.

[33:33] How to learn more about Richard, his parting tips on how to get into the Martial Arts, and how Martial Arts can enrich your life.


Richard Goldstein’s Links:

Facebook page for The Copy Shop and Printing Company in San Rafael, CA