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The Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast

Apr 19, 2018

Wade’s guest on today’s Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast is venture capitalist and MMA fighter, Arvind Gupta. During the evening and weekends, you can find Arvind mountain climbing, BASE Jumping, and practicing his skills in MMA or BJJ but during the day he risks money as a venture capitalist and works as the managing director at the company he founded, Indie Bio, investing in biotech and life science companies that are looking to scale.


In this conversation with Arvind they discuss some of the distilled lessons he has taken away from martial arts and how they play out in his personal and professional life, the small world connections from the Bay Area martial arts scene, his background in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, as well as some of his insights on the sport — and martial arts in general.


Key Takeaways:

[:40] About Wade’s guest today, Arvind Gupta.

[2:17] About Arvind’s recent ‘Fight to Win Pro’ match and what it was like knowing his opponent beforehand.

[7:07] Arvind’s background: where he grew up, lineage, and his path to California.

[8:24] A funny story from Arvind’s first date with his wife where he discovered she was a more experienced fighter than himself.

[12:03] How Arvind manages to balance martial arts with his family and day job.

[14:10] What Arvind does in his day job as a venture capitalist.

[19:20] Where Arvind sees Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu headed in the future.

[23:48] The “small world” connection between Arvind, Paul Nikhinson, and Jino Kang.

[24:53] Arvind’s background in training in BJJ, from his first day to present times.

[28:15] How Arvind’s training in BJJ translates into his personal and professional life.

[34:05] Arvind’s parting words of wisdom about martial arts.


Arvind Gupta’s Links:


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