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The Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast

Feb 20, 2018

In this episode of the Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast, Wade Pitts interviews Sifu Mark Messner of the E.Y. Lee Kung Fu School in San Francisco, in the Richmond District. E.Y. Lee Kung Fu School has been around since 1975 and in the mid-’80s, it moved to the location it’s currently located, on Balboa St.


One of the particularly fascinating things about the E.Y. Lee Kung Fu School is that the Founder, Sifu E.Y. Lee, passed away in 2013. And instead of ‘folding up shop’ or having one person take over, the head students united together to take on the responsibility as a group. They’re continuing to carry on Sifu E.Y. Lee’s legacy — which is something you don’t see very often — and is very inspiring.


Join Wade and Mark as they discuss the history of E.Y. Lee Kung Fu School, Mark’s background in the Martial Arts, some of Mark’s favorite memories from training, how Martial Arts has crossed over into his professional life, and some of his core beliefs in how Martial Arts can negate bullying and help you overcome your fears.


Key Takeaways:

[1:30] The history of E.Y. Lee Kung Fu School.

[3:26] About Mark’s background in Martial Arts.

[7:16] How Martial Arts influenced Mark’s career as a probation officer.

[9:11] How the head students came to take over the school as a group.

[10:44] Why and how the school attracts a wide array of different kinds of people.

[12:20] About the kids’ program at the school and how it helps to support the adult program.

[13:24] How Kung Fu can help negate bullying.

[16:36] The changes Mark has seen in Martial Arts.

[19:21] Where Mark sees Martial Arts headed towards in the future.

[21:38] In Mark’s time training in the Martial Arts, how has he seen it cross over into his personal and professional life?

[23:25] One of Mark’s favorite training memories.

[26:25] One of the most important lessons Martial Arts teaching: The importance of overcoming fear.

[28:18] Where to learn more about Mark and E.Y. Lee Kung Fu School.


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