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The Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast

Feb 27, 2018

Today, Wade interviews Wendy Palmer, who first began training in Aikido in 1971. Currently, she’s a 6th degree black belt. She has taken the lessons learned from Aikido into her personal development business, Leadership Embodiment, where she teaches mindfulness and leadership to business executives. Her goal is to bring the principles she has gained from Aikido and bring them to those who would otherwise not train in the martial arts. On top of that, she is one of the founders and teachers at an Aikido School — Aikido of Tamalpais — in Corte Madera, CA.


How Wendy got started in the Martial Arts greatly differs from the usual — so you’ll want to tune in to hear her unique story!


Key Takeaways:

[2:08] How and when Wendy got into Martial Arts — and more specifically, Aikido.

[4:40] Wendy’s progression from San Francisco to up North and how she began to casually teach Aikido.

[6:45] The changes Wendy has seen in Aikido thus far and how she sees Aikido progressing in the future.

[9:44] The lessons Wendy has learned from Aikido that she has distilled into her career.

[12:06] How Wendy gets her clients to appreciate the principles of practice.

[16:25] How Wendy has kept her level of passion for Aikido over the years.

[18:45] Aikido routines and lifestyle routines that Wendy practices.

[22:36] Wendy’s favorite martial art memories.

[26:00] What keeps Wendy going in her exploration of trying to apply the principles of Aikido to the business world.

[27:04] The nuances from a brown belt to a black and what can limit us from accessing our full potential.

[29:54] Taking her workshops and master classes on the road; gearing up for her trips to New York, Washington, and South Africa.

[32:09] Where to find Wendy online.

[33:25] Final thoughts from Wendy.


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