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The Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast

Dec 5, 2017

This episode, Wade Pitts interviews his guest, Paul Wade, of 3rd Street Boxing in San Francisco. As an immigrant from Dublin, Ireland, Paul Wade found there to be an incredible amount of opportunity in SF. Paul was a plumber by trade which allowed him to find work anywhere — but ultimately, it wasn’t his dream. After traveling to SF and meeting many inspirational people along his journey, he opened up his own gym: 3rd Street Boxing. 3rd Street Boxing is the epitome of old-school boxing, and as Paul says, “When it comes to traditional boxing, we do it the best — There’s no question about that.”


Paul got started in martial arts at the age of 14 with a style called Kantanni Karate-Do. A couple years after that, he began to branch out and got really into kickboxing. From then on, he focused on boxing but has trained and continues to train in a variety of martial arts.


Stay tuned to hear all about how Paul has made a life for himself in San Francisco — as well as the many unique opportunities Paul has had throughout his lifetime, how and why he opened up his business, and how boxing has personally and professionally affected his life. Paul shares some incredible stories and insight throughout the podcast.


Key Takeaways:

[1:53] Paul’s background in the martial arts — how and why he got into them.

[4:30] How Paul got into boxing and how it made a difference to his kickboxing.

[7:00] What inspired Paul’s move from Dublin, Ireland to San Francisco.

[9:00] Paul’s experience and mental shift after moving to SF.

[11:40] Making a life in SF; seeing the opportunity to open up a boxing studio.

[14:37] Getting the inspiration to start up his own gym by running a boxing program.

[17:18] Gaining recognition; Paul’s reasoning behind competing in the ‘Golden Gloves.’

[20:43] How Paul got started with where he is now — beginning with his boxing program at World Gym.

[24:02] How boxing has changed in Paul’s lifetime.

[24:44] Paul’s experience with his business being featured on CNN’s “The Turnaround,” and the business proposition from Mark Mastrov.

[28:37] Business competition in the SF area and how it helped elevate him and his business.

[31:17] Differences between MMA and Boxing.

[33:58] 3rd Street Boxing’s selling points: their app, website, and old school boxing attitude.

[38:24] How the process of training in the martial arts has impacted Paul personally and professionally.

[41:30] Paul Wade vs. Conor McGregor.

[42:14] Where to find more about Paul and his gym, online.


Paul Wade’s Links:

Website: 3rd Street Boxing

Facebook: @thirdstreetboxinggym


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