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The Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast

Sep 11, 2018

Many of Wade’s interviewees have said that the moment they saw a Bruce Lee movie, it inspired them to go down the path to become a martial artist — and his guest today is no exception. However, when Wade asked him, “Where would martial arts in the U.S. be without the impact of Bruce Lee?” you might want to stay tuned to hear his answer.


Mike Valentine is the founder and co-owner of Practical Martial Arts in Corte Madera, CA. Practical Martial Arts (or PMA for short) is a mixed martial arts dojo, having taught mixed martial arts in a traditional setting since 1993.


In this episode, Mike talks all about how he got started in the martial arts; his training from childhood through college; his life-changing experience attending a Rickson Gracie seminar; his unique dojo, PMA, and the various programs they offer; his upcoming book; and how he has incorporated his training in the martial arts into his personal and professional life.


Key Takeaways:

[:44] About Wade’s guest, Mike Valentine.

[1:48] Wade welcomes Mike to the podcast.

[2:42] How Mike got started in the martial arts.

[5:12] Mike speculates on how different the martial arts in the U.S. would be today, without the impact of Bruce Lee.

[6:06] Mike’s training in the martial arts from childhood through college.

[9:43] Mike’s life-changing experience attending the Rickson Gracie seminar.

[12:57] How and why Mike organizes his school similarly to an MMA dojo.

[14:27] How long Mike’s dojo has been opened, and about the adult and children programs.

[17:20] How have the martial arts impacted Mike’s life outside of the dojo?

[31:49] Where to learn more about Mike, his school, and upcoming book.

[32:34] Does Mike have any ideal UFC match-ups?


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