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The Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast

Oct 23, 2018

Today, Wade has an interesting interview with David Breslauer, one of three co-founders of Bolt Threads — a company that has mastered the production of replicating spiders’ silk for large-scale production of fabrics and garments.


Other than running his successful company, David also trains in Krav Maga. And interestingly enough, he only recently began training as an adult and is just coming up on 2 years now!


In this episode, David explains the “non-traditional” reasons as to why he got into martial arts as an adult, why he prefers it over other forms of exercise, his professional life as a Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Bolt Threads, his experiences in Krav Maga and how they have impacted his personal and professional life, as well as some of the challenges that Krav has provided and lessons he has learned from overcoming them.


Key Takeaways:

[:43] About Wade’s guest today, David Breslauer.

[1:19] Wade welcomes David to the podcast and he explains what originally got him interested in martial arts as an adult.

[3:22] About David’s professional life as a co-founder of Bolt Threads, from its conception and how it has grown to how it functions today.

[5:58] What drew David to Krav Maga.

[6:52] David’s experience in Krav Maga that relates to his work in his company, Bolt Threads.

[9:24] David’s challenges with sparring in Krav Maga.

[10:45] How David sees the process of training in Krav Maga.

[12:35] David explains the functionalities of spider silk that his company, Bolt Threads, produces.

[13:43] How Krav Maga has impacted David personally and professionally.


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