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The Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast

Sep 4, 2018

Michael Regnier eats, breathes, and sleeps martial arts — literally. When he went on to become a Muay Thai instructor he ended up living at the studio, and that studio was attached to a Thai restaurant and club. So not only did he sleep at the studio, but he ate Thai food almost every day and even worked at the club as a bouncer.


Michael had a professional fight career of about eight fights, and then started his own martial arts studio in Oakland called Pacific Ring Sports. In this episode, Wade and Michael talk all things Muay Thai; Michael’s career from professional fighter to opening his own studio; his insights on the future of martial arts; as well as all the details on his studio and how he balances life, family, and training.


Key Takeaways:

[:44] About Wade’s guest today, Michael Regnier.

[1:40] How Michael first got into martial arts.

[3:25] About Michael’s early training.

[7:31] Does Michael have any fun bouncer stories?

[9:15] About Michael’s job and life at Fairtex.

[10:05] About Michael’s professional fighting career.

[12:29] Michael’s transition from Fairtex to opening up his own martial arts studio.

[15:11] What Michael’s school and classes look like today.

[18:08] How did Michael get his kid into martial arts?

[19:54] How Michael balances martial arts and his family.

[23:33] Where does Michael see the future of martial arts headed?

[26:00] Where to learn more about Michael’s gym and his parting thoughts for the episode.


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