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The Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast

May 15, 2018

In light of the recent Mother's Day celebration, Wade appropriately interviews a tough mother of three. Whitney is a stay at home mom who decided that she needed something that was going to engage her physically and mentally — and tennis just wasn’t going to cut it. In 2005, after her youngest child went off to Kindergarten, she decided to truly put this plan into action and entered a nearby martial arts studio. Since then, she’s earned her black belt in Kenpo Karate.


Something incredibly impressive about Whitney is her ability and determination to persevere through nearly anything. She broke two of her ribs in the middle of her 8-hour black belt exam — and yet, she continued on and finished!


In this episode, Whitney speaks about her start in martial arts, what her first class was like, her journey to getting her black belt in Kenpo, and her stint in teaching Kenpo and her own, unique style. She also shares her wisdom on perseverance, the importance of asking questions and considering the ‘why’ during training, and her advice for those who are nervous — but interested — in pursuing a martial art.


Key Takeaways:

[1:06] About this week’s guest, Whitney.

[2:06] Welcoming Whitney to the podcast.

[2:29] When and why Whitney got started in the martial arts.

[3:17] What was Whitney’s first class like in Kenpo karate?

[4:06] About Whitney’s journey in Kenpo karate.

[5:58] The history of Kenpo karate and its origins.

[6:27] About Whitney’s stint of teaching Kenpo karate and about her own, unique style that she created (a merge between women’s self-defense and core) and about the popularity it held.

[7:59] Why did Whitney leave her teaching position?

[9:27] How has Whitney involved her kids in martial arts? And at what ages? And the key takeaways children gain from martial arts.

[16:50] The importance of preserving through the tough moments in life, and Whitney’s story of how she broke two ribs during her 8-hour black belt test — and kept going!

[19:11] Where does Whitney see Kenpo karate progressing in the future? And the importance of asking questions and considering the ‘why’ during training.

[23:10] Whitney’s advice to those who are considering taking up a martial art.

[25:19] Whitney’s parting words of wisdom.


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