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The Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast

Sep 25, 2018

In this episode, Wade interviews Ramin Ettehad, co-founder of Oomnitza, an enterprise software company, and a black belt in Brazilian-Jiu Jitsu. Although he’s a black belt, he has a true white belt mentality — training with a variety of camps, continuing to train while traveling, and practicing wherever and whenever he can.


Ramin has been integrating martial arts into his life from a very early age and was even throwing punches and kicks in the air before he knew what martial arts were! Eventually, in his teens, he found Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu which became his main passion and focus. Then, after university, he started his company, Oomnitza, in San Francisco with a couple of his close friends. The name Oomnitza is a unique one — and as Ramin explains, it’s Russian-based and means “clever, wise, or intelligence.”


Tune into this week’s episode to learn more about how Ramin got started in the martial arts, his extensive training and exploration of different martial arts studios, his company and how he got started in the business of enterprise software, how he sees BJJ progressing in the future, and how martial arts has impacted his personal and professional life.


Key Takeaways:

[:44] About Wade’s guest, Ramin Ettehad.

[1:53] How Ramin got started in the martial arts.

[3:33] How Ramin originally got introduced to BJJ.

[5:18] About Ramin’s training at AKA and his first kickboxing class.

[6:31] Ramin’s transition from AKA to taking time off and exploring different studios.

[7:37] Ramin’s experience at AKA with the non-traditional BJJ teachings.

[9:41] About Ramin’s company, Oomnitza, and the meaning behind its name.

[10:50] How Ramin got started in the business of enterprise software.

[12:32] About Ramin’s average client base.

[13:04] How Ramin’s training in the martial arts over the years has impacted his personal and professional life.

[15:31] Where Ramin sees BJJ progressing in the future.

[18:05] Where Ramin is training now.

[20:41] Ramin’s predictions for UFC 229 fight between Conor and Khabib.


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