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The Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast

Dec 25, 2018

It is often said that an expert is someone who has made every possible mistake in a given level of study. Wade’s next guest has been studying martial arts for over 51 years — and he may not have made every possible mistake, but he’s probably pretty close (and is definitely consider an expert in his field!) He also, perhaps, has one of the longest lineages of martial arts history out of all the guests Wade has interviewed thus far.


Ron Esteller is the owner and Head Instructor of Esteller Martial Arts in San Leandro, California.

He taught his first class in 1971 and opened up his school in 1984. His love for teaching is powerful and his knowledge about martial arts in the Bay Area is vast. He was teaching before the era of Bruce Lee and the Karate Kid were popularized in the States.


In today’s episode, he gives a brief history of what martial arts was originally like when it came to the Bay Area. He also tells the stories of how he originally got into martial arts and how his love for it all began, his family’s background in martial arts, how martial arts has impacted his life, and how he has seen it change throughout the years he’s been studying and teaching.


Key Takeaways:

[:43] About today’s guest, Ron Esteller.

[1:30] Wade welcomes Ron to the podcast.

[1:43] Ron introduces his school, Esteller Martial Arts.

[2:04] What originally got Ron into martial arts.

[2:50] What martial arts was like in the Bay Area, pre-Bruce Lee.

[4:10] Ron explains who Charles Gaylord was.

[5:09] Ron’s history with teaching martial arts.

[7:36] Why Ron continues to love teaching so much.

[9:06] How Ron balances his relationship and martial arts.

[10:37] Ron’s wife’s background in martial arts.

[11:10] Ron’s kids’ background in martial arts.

[15:04] The funny story of how Ron’s daughter and her husband met.

[16:50] How martial arts has impacted Ron personally and professionally.

[19:19] How Ron has seen martial arts change over the years and how he sees it developing in the future.

[27:07] Where to learn more about Ron’s school online.

[27:35] Who would be Ron’s favorite UFC matchup?


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Charles Gaylord