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The Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast

Aug 28, 2018

What do you get when you cross a Hell’s Angel with a marine and a musician? Master Rachael Evans of course.


Master Rachael Evans runs the nonprofit martial arts school, Quantum Dojo, in San Francisco, California. And in this episode, she shares her unique start in how she got into the martial arts; how she opened up her school, Quantum; and provides information on the programs and classes they provide, from adults to children. Rachael really highlights the idea that the martial arts are all about being a community — in fact, she says it best herself:


“We’re a community hub. We’re a place for young men to come and be challenged to step up to growing up. We’re a place where young women can come and learn to be powerful and find their voice. We’re a place for families to come and develop themselves physically and learn this language of martial arts [and] enrich their experience when they go home...”


To hear more, tune into this week’s episode about the Quantum Dojo and Rachael’s experience in the martial arts.


Key Takeaways:

[:43] About Wade’s guest today, Master Rachael Evans.

[1:23] Wade welcomes Rachael to the podcast.

[1:28] Rachael talks about her dojo, Quantum.

[2:32] About Rachael’s start in martial arts.

[5:17] Rachael’s experience at the Marine Corps Boot Camp.

[6:30] Rachael’s experience with martial arts during and after Marine Corps.

[9:00] Rachael’s transition out of the marines and how she came to open up her own, nonprofit school.

[16:00] Rachael’s ratio of men to women in her dojo and how it came to be.

[18:57] About Rachael’s programs from adults to kids, the different experiences of these different age groups, and Rachael’s experience with teaching young teenage girls.

[21:42] How the training in the martial arts has impacted Rachael’s life outside of the dojo.

[24:55] Where does Rachael see martial arts headed in the future (her dojo included).

[31:01] Where to learn more about Rachael’s school and her other programs and classes.


Mentioned in this Episode:

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