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The Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast

Dec 18, 2018

In today’s episode, your host, Wade Pitts, interviews Scott Frazer of Yu’s Martial Arts (changing to Diablo Martial Arts in 2019) in Lafayette, California. His family took over the school that had originally opened back in 1974. They focus on teaching Tae Kwon Do to the youth demographic but also serve adults and teenagers.


Scott explains how the Dojang originally came to be, how he and his family became involved (ultimately taking it over), about his financial career prior to his “third round” of retirement, how and when he got his original start in martial arts, how he changed the dynamic of the school after taking it over with his family, his pieces of advice for other studio owners, and how he sees Tae Kwon Do evolving in the future.


Key Takeaways:

[:45] About today’s guest, Scott Frazer.

[1:29] Wade welcomes Scott to the podcast.

[1:34] How Yu’s Martial Arts school started and how Scott got involved.

[2:26] Scott’s background in finance prior to his “third round” of retirement.

[4:03] How and when Scott got his start in martial arts.

[5:41] Scott talks about his perspective on being “further along.”

[7:52] How Scott shifted the dynamic of the school and his experience engaging with the younger demographic.

[12:00] How martial arts had changed Scott personally.

[15:08] How Scott sees Tae Kwon Do progressing in the future.

[19:37] Where and how to learn more about Scott’s school.

[22:35] Scott talks about the different demographics his school serves.

[24:19] Scott’s pieces of advice for studio owners.


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