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The Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast

Jan 8, 2019

In the famous book, The Hero’s Journey, it talks about somebody being unprepared, facing a challenge, having to train, and then coming back home and realizing it is home, with a new set of eyes. That’s a pretty common theme in martial arts, and that’s no exception with today’s guest, Mike Lee.


Mike Lee teaches Tat Wong Kung Fu and has been training in it since 13. He’s even gone on to compete nationally and internationally and now has his own martial arts school, One Tribe Martial Arts Academy.


At Mike’s school, they teach a wide range of students — their youngest being three years old, and their oldest being 82! They run seven days a week with unlimited classes and teach traditional Kung Fu and Chinese kickboxing, as well as lion dancing.


In today’s episode, Mike talks about his school; how and why he originally got into the martial arts; the principles of the style he teaches; the important virtues at his school; how martial arts has impacted him, personally and professionally; and his ideas around building a sense of community, both in class and through social media.


Key Takeaways:

[:45] About today’s guest, Mike Lee.

[1:30] Wade welcomes Mike to the podcast.

[1:54] How and why Mike first got into martial arts.

[3:28] Mike talks about the process of opening up his own martial arts school.

[5:11] How teaching martial arts has been different than training in it.

[6:35] The principles of Mike’s style, Tat Wong Kung Fu.

[7:52] About Mike’s school, the range of students they teach, and the classes offered.

[10:15] How martial arts has changed Mike as a person.

[11:41] How martial arts has impacted Mike’s personal life.

[14:47] How Mike has seen Kung Fu change and where he sees it headed in the future.

[18:59] Mike talks about building a sense of community both in class and through social media.

[21:18] Mike’s final notes about his school and his offer to listeners.


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