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The Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast

Nov 20, 2018

Today, Wade gets to interview Marcelo Caveirinha, a long-time Capoeira practitioner who originally came from Brazil and immigrated to the U.S. — and with him, brought the rich culture of Brazilian Capoeira.


In this episode, Marcelo gives describes some of the rich history of Brazilian Capoeira, how he first got introduced to martial arts and began practicing Capoeira, and some of the biggest differences between Capoeira in the United States compared to Brazil. He also explains why it is called “playing” Capoeira instead of sparring, how people generally learned about Capoeira when it first started to rise in popularity in the States, and how he sees the martial art developing in the future. On top of all that, Marcelo also talks about his own school that he opened in Oakland, CA: the Capoeira Mandinga Academy, and where he also sees it developing in the future!


Key Takeaways:

[:40] About Wade’s guest today: Marcelo Caveirinha.

[1:26] Wade welcomes Marcelo to the podcast!

[1:38] How Marcelo got introduced to martial arts and began practicing Capoeira.

[2:54] Marcelo gives some background of Capoeira's history in Brazil.

[8:34] Where Marcelo continues to practice Capoeira in the United States.

[9:45] The biggest differences between Capoeira in the U.S. compared to Brazil.

[11:15] Why they call it “playing” Capoeira instead of sparring.

[12:39] How do people generally learn about Capoeira? When did its popularity start picking up?

[15:05] Where Marcelo sees Capoeira developing in the future.

[18:53] How Marcelo sees his school developing.

[20:44] How training in Capoeira has impacted his personal life.

[24:34] More about Marcelo’s school, Capoeira Mandinga, and where to find it online!

[28:43] Marcelo’s final pieces of advice to listeners!


Mentioned in this Episode:

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Tekken (video game)

Marcelo’s school: Capoeira Mandinga